Thursday, August 27, 2009

My new blog!

My dearest friend,

I have set up a new home. Please come and visit me.

Look forward to seeing you at my new home.

Friday, August 14, 2009

After-dinner sports

We usually take parts in all kinds of sports after dinner, such as basket ball, tennis, soccer, or just running on the playground.

But today, we did something different.
I don't even know the English name for this game. But I remember I played the same game when I was 8 or 9 years old.

Time is flying. Now my two kids are playing what I used to play.

Anyone happens to know the name of this game, please let me know.

Today, I had a day off.
Sam told me that Patridge Creek Mall is very good for visiting.
So I went there with my mom.
I went to the service office first because I would like to buy a $250 gift card for a free night at Best Western Indoor Waterpark Inn.
There was so much fun at the mall.
We ended up buying 4 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of Coach shoes.
After I got home, I called Best Western and booked the free night on next Friday.
Ted, my older son, told me that he couldn't wait for the night out.
Neither can I......

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Windsor Water World

We were planning to the beach of Lake Erie at Point Pelee National Park.

But, as it is always said that "Man proposes, God disposes", from morning to night, it kept raining cats and dogs. We ended up going to Windsor Water World and having the splash fun.

Last summer, we were crazy about the huge indoor waterparks in Sandusky Ohio. Every month, we visited a different indoor waterpark, such as Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge and Maui Sands.

This year, I knew in Windsor, there are too have some indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Why shall we waste money, gas and strength to travel 2 hours one way to Sandusky, while we can have the same fun here in Windsor?

Among all the swimming pools, I love Windsor Water World the best. It has an indoor water slide, a wading pool and a heated therapy pool. But the reason I prefer it to the others is that its water temperature is always kept at 82 F (other than the 100F heated therapy pool). I always feel comfortable to slip into the water. I never had to undergo the adaptive phase for my skin into a pool with different temperature.

Although we can have fun indoor, I still hope it is be sunny tomorrow so that we can soak up the mild August sun. After all, it's summer.
I missed my tennis already.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ceaser's Seafood Buffet (Windsor, Ontario)

I thought we were undergoing an economic recession.

But today, I changed my mind.

We went to Ceaser's seafood buffet for dinner tonight and had a difficult time to find a parking lot in a 6 or 7-storey parking garage building.

Most of the peope went to the casino, and the rest like us came for the dinner.

As usual, the food was terrific.

The oysters are always my favorite. They are so fresh that I believe they were shipped by air directly to Windsor after out of the sea.
I tried quite a few different things tonight. The best ones include crab legs, seafood chowder, sushi and cheese cake.
Fresh oysters, seafood chowder, cheese cake, pepsi with ice cubes, and some tete-a-tetes along with the meals, can you imagin a better night than this?
No war, no terrorism, no umemployment, sufficient food......
What a nice world!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why Felli & Bonni?

This is the first time I start an English blog.

I used to blog in Chinese. But yesterday, I saw an article about John Chow's success in managing his blog, and I think probably it's time to make some changes.

Why not in English? I love writing and I hope to make more friends, not only from China, but also from all over the world.

Then, why I chose "Felli & Bonni" as my disply name?

Well, my sister and I came up with this special name together.

I studied Spanish for several months last year, and I said I like "Feliz", which means Happy.

My sister thinks that "bonni" sounds very Pretty.

"Felli & Bonni", ummmmm, what's a blessing!

My favorite hobby is to photograph, although my machin is a little shabby comparing to those professional ones. But still, I can take good pictures. As the pictures at the beginning of this post, I went to Cambridge Ontario and took the pictures of the beautiful butterfly. I wish I could make the images bigger, but I don't know how to do it. If only somebody could help me with this......