Friday, August 7, 2009

Ceaser's Seafood Buffet (Windsor, Ontario)

I thought we were undergoing an economic recession.

But today, I changed my mind.

We went to Ceaser's seafood buffet for dinner tonight and had a difficult time to find a parking lot in a 6 or 7-storey parking garage building.

Most of the peope went to the casino, and the rest like us came for the dinner.

As usual, the food was terrific.

The oysters are always my favorite. They are so fresh that I believe they were shipped by air directly to Windsor after out of the sea.
I tried quite a few different things tonight. The best ones include crab legs, seafood chowder, sushi and cheese cake.
Fresh oysters, seafood chowder, cheese cake, pepsi with ice cubes, and some tete-a-tetes along with the meals, can you imagin a better night than this?
No war, no terrorism, no umemployment, sufficient food......
What a nice world!

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