Saturday, August 8, 2009

Windsor Water World

We were planning to the beach of Lake Erie at Point Pelee National Park.

But, as it is always said that "Man proposes, God disposes", from morning to night, it kept raining cats and dogs. We ended up going to Windsor Water World and having the splash fun.

Last summer, we were crazy about the huge indoor waterparks in Sandusky Ohio. Every month, we visited a different indoor waterpark, such as Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge and Maui Sands.

This year, I knew in Windsor, there are too have some indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Why shall we waste money, gas and strength to travel 2 hours one way to Sandusky, while we can have the same fun here in Windsor?

Among all the swimming pools, I love Windsor Water World the best. It has an indoor water slide, a wading pool and a heated therapy pool. But the reason I prefer it to the others is that its water temperature is always kept at 82 F (other than the 100F heated therapy pool). I always feel comfortable to slip into the water. I never had to undergo the adaptive phase for my skin into a pool with different temperature.

Although we can have fun indoor, I still hope it is be sunny tomorrow so that we can soak up the mild August sun. After all, it's summer.
I missed my tennis already.

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  1. I hope it's sunny for you tomorrow!